SAIA/CIfA Stakeholder Engagement Report

On 22 February 2017, the SAIA initiated stakeholder engagement between SAIA/CIfA members and key stakeholders in the built environment took place at the Cape Town Lodge Conference Centre in Buitengracht Street Cape Town. Attendees included a Ward Councillor, Mayoral Committee members, the South African Association of Consulting Professional Planners (SAACPP), the Master Builders Association and others. At this engagement, it was agreed that key issues affecting the profession include:

  • Procurement of municipal services
  • Approval processes from local authorities.

The latter encompasses building plan approvals and the professional regulatory context.   Through these stakeholder engagements, SAIA is pursuing all possible avenues to ensure that the interests of members are safeguarded. “We appreciate the willingness of key stakeholders to engage with us to iron out difficulties and make the operating environment more conducive for all, “says SAIA’s CEO, Obert Chakarisa. The speech delivered by CIfA President, Kevin Gadd, can be downloaded here.

Subsequent to the speech Kevin was invited to a meeting with Councillor Brett Herron. The meeting took place at the Councillor’s office on 9 March 2017. It was agreed that CIfA would be represented on three committees to be formed by the city to look at ways of accelerating the provision of affordable housing in and close to the city.  These committees being Urban integration, Inclusionary housing and Urban catalytic investments. The Institute further agreed to present, with the city, an exhibition, presentation/debate around the contribution that sensitive and creative, sustainable architecture can make to providing these solutions. This will be a joint project between CIfA and the city. There has also been an encouraging response from the universities to begin a much more involved dialogue with a view to improving and building relationships between practitioners of architecture and students.