DEA&DP Circular 0003-2020: Authorization to Deviate from Certain Provisions of the Western Cape Land Use Planning Act, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

DEA&DP issued Circular 0003-2021 on 10 February 2021, where you were notified that the Minister authorized a fourth deviation from the requirements in LUPA with respect to direct notification of land use applications, particularly the requirement to notify certain interested and affected parties directly through the methods prescribed in the Systems Act.

Since section 60(3) of LUPA only provides for a maximum validity period of 90 days for such an authorization, the Minister has decided to issue a fifth authorization for a further 90 days.

In this regard, please find the following attachments:

  • Fourth Authorization from Minister Bredell;
  • Provincial Notice 45/2021 in the Provincial Gazette no. 8429 published on Tuesday 11 May 2021; as well as
  • Circular DEA&DP 0010-2021 providing additional background and implications of the authorization.

Ministerial Authorisation – 5th Authorisation to deviate from S44(2)(b) of LUPA (May2021)

Annexure H (DEA&DP Circular 0010-2021) – 5th Authorisation to deviate from S44(2)(b) of LUPA (May2021)

8429-Ex-Ord-gaz-Notice-to-Deviate (002)