CIfA Newsflash 49/2020 | Use of the 2018 Suite of JBCC Documents

Some years ago, The Practice & Professional Development Committee of the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA) recommended against the use of 2014 editions of the JBCC Suite of documents as the Committee was of the opinion that they were badly drafted and contained a significant number of contradictions.

JBCC has now completely withdrawn these editions and published the following new documents:

  • Principal Building Agreement and Contract Data V6.2 [2018]
  • Subcontract Agreement and Contract Data V6.2 [2018]
  • Minor Works Agreement and Contract Data V5.2 [2018]

These editions differs significantly from V6.1.

CIfA currently does not have an active Practice Committee and therefore cannot comment on the new documents.

As matters stand, we currently have no reason not to support these documents.

The latest price list is attached below for you records.