CIfA Newsflash 41/2020 | Management Committee Term Extended

Members are herewith notified that according to the CIfA Constitution and By-Laws (attached below), this year would be an election year where candidates are elected to serve on the Management Committee of the Cape Institute for Architecture. The current Committee’s term ends December 2020.

CIFA a Region of SAIA FINAL with CIfA Bylaws 01082015

Clause 7.2 of the CIfA Constitution states:

Subject to the provision of clause 7.3, every member of the committee shall hold office for a period of two years: Provided that the prescribed period may, by a majority vote of the region, be extended for a further period not exceeding twelve months.

At a Special Meeting of the current Management Committee held on 27 August 2020, the Committee agreed to exercise the option of extending the current term. It was therefore decided to defer the elections and to extend the term of the Committee by 6 months. The current term would therefore end on 30 June 2021.

All Management Committee members agreed to continue to hold office for the next couple of months until after the global pandemic.

For your information, the members of the current Management Committee are:

  1. Bohm, Wilfried – CPUT Acting HOD Dept of Architectural Technology and Interior Design
  2. Borgström, Michael (PrSArchT) – Convener: CPD
  3. Gadd, Kevin (PrArch) – Immediate Past President; Convener: Finance
  4. Irving, Nicola (PrArch) – Vice President
  5. Jinka, Nikki
  6. Lourens, Henk (PrArch) – President
  7. Louw, Mike (PrArch) – UCT Representative
  8. Mills, Ruan (PrArch) – City of Cape Town
  9. Rigby, Ursula (PrArch) – Convener: Heritage Review
  10. Smuts, Carin (PrArch) – Vice President
  11. Steyn, Louis (PrArch) – Helderberg Chapter
  12. Thabo, Lynette – CIfA Social Media (Instagram)
  13. Van Graan, André (PrArch) – CIfA Representative UCT Building & Development Committee
  14. Wilson-Harris, John (PrArch) – Convener: Heritage

A Call for Nominations for the new Management Committee for the period July 2021 – December 2022 will be circulated to all members during the first quarter of 2021.