CIfA Newsflash 36/2020 | Comment on the City’s Draft Revised Parking Policy

The below information was taken from the website of the City of Cape Town and can be accessed here:

About the policy

The City approved its first Parking Policy in 2014. The policy addresses all aspects of the public and private provision, management, regulation, enforcement and pricing of parking.

The Policy needed revision in terms of:

  • Strategy: parking should be a strategic tool, not simply a response to a demand:
    • Parking should support public transport
    • Parking should support travel demand management initiatives
  • Enforcement: There is room for greater administrative involvement in the management of parking and enforcement for minor offences.
  • Implementation: the implementation aspect of the policy needs to be strengthened.

Additionally, three critical areas have been identified that need to be included or strengthened in the revised policy, to support transit-oriented development, travel demand management and environmental sustainability, including:

  • Designing parking facilities that are environmentally responsible and sustainable.
  • Providing parking for more sustainable modes of private travel, e.g. bicycles, motorbikes, electric vehicles and ridesharing.
  • Managing parking in the main commercial and recreational areas in order to influence demand patterns.

Comment period

Comments and objections may be submitted from 11 August – 18 September 2020.

Notice is given in accordance with section 21 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act, No. 32 of 2000, that you can submit comments in respect of the draft policy.

The Draft Revised Parking Policy is attached.

Submit your comments online.


For more information and general enquiries contact:

Transport Information Centre (TIC)

Telephone: 0800 65 64 63