CIfA Newsflash 33/2022 | Message from Marx Mupariwa [Table Bay District Manager]

Marx Mupariwa [Table Bay District Manager] wants to be more pro-active and to help avoid/reduce the numerous to-and-froing of refused/not cleared letters relating to building plans. Please see his formal “invitation” to the city’s architects below. He is happy that CIfA issues this to our members.

Architects who submit building plans on complex projects or urgent projects in the Table Bay District (only) are welcome to request a pre-submission meeting to ensure complete building plan submission and avoid delays triggered by incomplete submissions. The request for pre-submission meetings for building plans is not a requirement by the department, but is a service that the Table Bay District can offer to architects upon request. Any request for building plan pre-submission meeting in the Table Bay District should be sent to Iren Philander – the Table Bay District Section Head for BDM –

Marx Mupariwa (Pr. Pln A/1123/1999)

District Manager: Table Bay

Development Management

Directorate: Spatial Planning and Environment