CIfA Newsflash 31/2022 | National Plan Submission (Building Control Offices)

Dear CIfA Member

The SA Institute of Architects (SAIA) is ramping up its initiative to get the plan approvals process across the country improved and has formulated a ThinkTank Group that will meet again soon to discuss the various issues.

Proposed Items for Discussion:

1. Document solution system Industry owned and managed (Not a Municipal system).

2. Self-certification and certifier desk, Chartered Architect.

3. National building regulation and building standards Act 103 of 1977 to be redrafted.

SAIA requested that each region indicate how plan submission works currently and what the issues are with it. The idea behind this survey is to assist SAIA’s new drive to come up with an improved nationwide approval system for building plans.

Your assistance is requested in compiling specific factual data we need to support our arguments regarding the plan submission/approval process.

Please complete the questionnaire and return to CIfA by latest Thursday 21 July 2022.

Email to

Your participation in this survey is voluntary and your answers will be treated in confidence.