CIfA Newsflash 29/2022 | CIfA Dispute Resolution Panel 2022/2023

The Cape Institute for Architecture occasionally receives applications for the appointment of suitable practitioners in regard to building industry disputes. We are currently updating our lists of persons eligible for appointment by the President as Arbitrators, Mediators, Adjudicators and as Expert Witnesses and invite members to submit applications for inclusion on this panel.

Members interested in being appointed as Mediators or Adjudicators should ideally have received some training in dispute resolution work, but good experience in the field will also be taken into consideration in assessing applications. Please note however, that it is a policy of the Institute that those interested in undertaking arbitrations must have undertaken formal studies in the field, either with the Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa) or some other recognised organisation. When arbitrations are to be conducted in terms of the Association of Arbitrators’ Rules for the Conduct of Arbitrations then completion of a course on those rules will also be a prerequisite for such appointments. It is recommended that you contact the Association for details of short courses on offer if you have not had such training.

Interested persons are requested to please complete the questionnaire and to submit completed forms to the CIfA Executive Officer, Asa Gordon at