CIfA Newsflash 25.3/2023 | COCT: Plan and Build It Right Newsletter 17 March 2023 – DAMS Portal

17 March 2023 – 25.3/2023

Dear CIfA, SAACPP and UDISA members

Please note – correction on the total number of cases   On Monday, 13 March 2023 the new DAMS system went live
On Monday, 13 March 2023 the Development Management department launched the new DAMS system amid high traffic volumes, which caused slow system response times and technical difficulties. For applicants navigating the new system, it is fair to say that there were challenges.
We acknowledge the impact this has on the industry and want to assure you that every concern and challenge raised is recorded. Technical teams are working around the clock to iron out these issues.
Building Development Management 
Since Monday, 13 March 2023, 1 823, building plan applications were created in the new portal and 753 of these reflect an ‘awaiting payment’ status. 
Land Use Management 
612 Land Use applications were created in the new portal since Monday, 13 March 2023, and 166 of these reflect an ‘awaiting payment’ status.

This is a total of over 2400 cases for LUM and BDM and the number is growing daily.
Many of the initial issues experienced were due to the increase in traffic on the portal as applicants started to log in to the system. Other issues identified and resolved since Monday include:  Improved search functionality – Users are now able to search using an erf number or an old Case ID number. In the new system, applications are allocated a reference number. In the past, this was an eight-digit number normally beginning with 706 or 705. New reference numbers are typically 10 or more digits in length and begin with 150 (LUM applications) or 170 (BDM applications) Viewing of all cases on My BDM and My LUM application tiles Improved system performance (response/lag times) Notification added to guide applicants in completing front-end process.   Matters receiving urgent attention include:  Ability to proceed with a case from Draft status Ability to proceed with cases in the Amendment/Additional information status   Remember to follow the steps covered in Topic 1 – Navigating to the new portal (attached) to ensure that you are using the new e-services portal. 
Requests for copies of plans
The online request for copies of plans is currently only available for the registered property owners.  Third party requests for copies of plans must be requested through the District information Hubs. Please note that this is only a temporary measure.
Note that uploaded copies of plans are only available for download by the registered property owner.
We promise to keep you informed and would like to remind you that support remains available through the District Information Hubs. The hubs are regularly updated with information on common challenges as well as tips to providing assistance.
Comments and queries can be submitted to:
 Blaauwberg District:
Cape Flats District:
Helderberg District:
Khayelitsha/Mitchells Plain District:
Northern District:
Southern District:
Table Bay District:
Tygerberg District:
City of Cape Town Development Management Department  
17 March 2023 – 25.2/2023

Dear CIfA, SAACPP and UDISA Members,
I met with the City yesterday morning to be updated on the repairs to the DAMS Portal and report as follows:
1.     They have asked me to convey their gratitude to Tim Hughes for his interaction with them highlighting the hassles he has had in uploading his applications;
2.     They particularly appreciate his way of always reporting a positive improvement in his experience whilst bringing problems to their attention;
3.     They have found his input invaluable at their meetings every morning in their efforts to fix the DAMS portal – a big thank you to Tim;
4.     The portal is starting to accept applications – slowly and not without issues;
5.     1042 BDM applications have been successfully accepted and, of these, 500 have already received their scrutiny fee invoices and are awaiting payment;
6.     396 LUM applications have been successfully accepted – I will be updated this afternoon on progress with issuing scrutiny fee invoices for these applications;
7.     I have agreed with council that they only use the Plan and Build It Right platform to communicate all verified fixes to the system – with tutorial notes – to applicants;
8.     All members are encouraged to register on the platform free of charge;
9.     The new DAMS portal is already producing performance information and statistics (not all good at this stage, which will be shared on the platform;
10.  I’ve been asked to reissue the newsletter below – which includes a portal navigation tutorial video – together with the attachment;
11.  Applicants who get stuck have 3 ways of seeking help:
11.1             At the counter at their District Office;
11.2             Emailing their District Office – email addresses in the newsletter below;
11.3             Emailing
Kind regards
Rod Stevens

13 March 2023 – 25.1/2023

Plan and Build It Right
Dear CIfA, SAACPP and UDISA Members,
Our new DAMS portal is now live. We anticipate that you may have questions or queries and even some issues when navigating the new portal, we will address these by regularly updating our Frequently Asked Questions on the CCT website and through Plan and Build It Right.
Topic 1 – Navigating to the new portal (attached as a pdf)
If you logged on this morning and still see the old portal page, you will need to select ‘home’ and click on ‘new e-services portal’ to open it.
If you have watched our video on navigating the new portal, you will know that the new Development Application Management page should reflect as below and if you followed the prompt above you should be viewing the correct screen.
Check for any updates by selecting your username (on the top right hand of the screen) and the drop down option to ‘check for updates’.
If updates are available, it will list as an option to ‘show those updates’, select ok and any applicable updates will run.
We are experiencing high traffic volumes and this does impact on the systems response time. Thank you for your patience.
Our Development Management Information Hubs remain available for reporting any challenges experienced. Frequently raised issues will be addressed in a communication to all, where necessary.
Please send your comments to:
Blaauwberg District:
Cape Flats District:
Helderberg District:
Khayelitsha/Mitchells Plain District:
Northern District:
Southern District:
Table Bay District:
Tygerberg District:
City of Cape Town Development Management Department
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