CIfA Newsflash 21/2020 | Information Guideline: Reinstatement of Development Management Services at Stellenbosch Municipality

Dear Members,

The Stellenbosch Municipality is reinstating LUM and BDM Services and Applications from Monday 1st June 2020 via a new web-site interface known as the ArcGIS for Local Authority Portal (AFLA Portal) which has been designed and developed, which will enable the online submission and processing of various types of applications at municipalities.

The system consists of different AFLA modules, of which the TPAMS (Town Planning Applications Management System) and BPAMS (Building Plans Applications Management System) has been developed to be introduced for this Department.

Please note that the month of June is a ‘going live learning month’ for staff and applicants alike with the system going fully live from Wednesday 1st July 2020.

Please study the attached document which gives very clear instructions on how to make new applications and follow up on existing applications.

IG LUP & BDM Services Covid19

Kind regards