CIfA Newsflash 15/2020 | Wupperthal – Volunteers: Drawing Assistance

Dear CIfA Member

In December 2018 the town of Wupperthal suffered a devastating fire. Project funding has been sponsored to restore the town centre, but not the 54 houses that burnt down. The Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA) put together a small team of members that have been working pro bono with Heritage Western Cape (HWC) to submit heritage assessments for the damaged houses for approval to restore the houses. Part of the submission requirement is a drawing of the house.

Only a few of the submissions have been completed and CIfA is looking for more volunteers to assist with this drawing work.

Students have already surveyed and drawn each house in AutoCAD. Our team will have completed the heritage assessments. Volunteers will be using the assessments and student drawings as a base to draw up the proposed restoration work. To keep the drawings simple, there is a separate, standard building specification that is submitted with each house.

Attached as an example of a typical student base drawing, and a completed drawing.  Also attached is our drawing guideline. See below;

CIFA plans_1 Tra Tra Street

Guideline for the preparation of drawings for HWC by CIFA volunteers (20…

Wupperthal_No 1 Tra-Tra_Street_Student Survey

Any assistance will be gratefully received. Please reply to and a committee member will contact you to co-ordinate the work.

Yours sincerely,