CIfA Newsflash 13/2023 | COCT: Plan and Build It Right Newsletter

24 February 2023

Plan and Build It Right 

Dear CIfA, SAACPP and UDISA members,

Our team continues to work ceaselessly towards a successful migration and launch of our new Development Application Management System (DAMS) on Monday, 27 February 2023.
With over 460 000 building plans and 550 000 land use records, it’s quite a task. We apologise for the inconvenience but know the changes will be worth it.
As we continue to work on the system, please take note of a few critical reminders:
* The DAMS web page has been updated with a short video on the new system and several user manuals relating to the new functionality available. 
* Plan and Build it Right will continue to provide updates on matters relating to the DAMS launch. 
* Remember to read the notices on our social media accounts: Twitter and Facebook.
* For any assistance, please get in touch with us through one of our Development Management Hubs:  
Blaauwberg     Northern      Cape Flats         Table Bay
Helderberg      Tygerberg     Khayelitsha       Southern
 Development Management Application forms:
Many application forms will become obsolete with the upgrade to DAMS. These are listed below.
Building Development Management:
* Request for Copies of Plans (BDM14) (Owner request only)
* Building Plan Application (BDM02) Request an Inspection Notice (BDM05)
* Request for Occupancy Certificate

Land Use Management:
* Pre-submission consultation record
* Land Use Management Application (LUM01)
* Administrative Penalty Application (LUM16)
* Zoning Extract and Data Request (LUM12)
* Request to confirm exemption of subdivision and consolidation (LUM 13)

These forms have been replaced in DAMS with online submissions and are no longer available to download.

City of Cape Town Development Management Department