CIfA Newsflash 122/2023 | Renewable Energy Infrastructure Guideline

Dear Members,

The Western Cape Government Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning is in the process of preparing a Guideline on Renewable Infrastructure, as presented at some of the Forums in the Western Cape over the last few months.

Click the link below to find a first draft of the Western Cape Land Use Planning Guidelines: Renewable Energy Infrastructure for your comment and use. Please note that it is still a discussion document, and once comment has been received during this commenting period, we will update and finalise the Guideline.

We include a link below to a PowerPoint presentation for those who want a very quick overview of the intent and content of the Guidelines. For colleagues who are submitting and evaluating land use management applications for REI, we suggest the Guideline itself be consulted.

Colleagues, this work is changing so rapidly, and therefore we anticipate that this Guideline will have to be updated periodically to keep track of technology, trends and emerging challenges.

Your input to update and improve this Guideline will be appreciated. Since it is close to the festive season, we will provide ample time to peruse the documents and submit comment by 17 January 2024.

Please submit any comments or suggestions to Riaan Thomson at .