CIfA Newsflash 12/2020 | 2019 Amendments to City of Cape Town’s Municipal Planning By-Law

Dear CIfA Member

You are aware that the City of Cape Town implemented the new 2019 By-Laws on the 3rd of February this year. The implementation strategy has had major implications for a significant number and scale of projects. CIfA has been approached by a number of members with affected projects, which led us to obtain legal opinion on the matter and, with the help of our colleague Jenny Mills, conducted a survey to determine the potential impact on our profession.

On Thursday 9 April 2020 CIfA wrote to the Director: Planning & Building Development Management, Ms Cheryl Walters to communicate this legal opinion to the City and to give the City an indication of the extent of the impact on our profession, but also on the building industry.

Both our letter and the legal opinion is attached for your information, see below. We will update you on any progress in this regard.

2020.03.26 CIFA Opinion (FINAL REVISED)

Letter to Cheryl Walters_MPBL Amendments_09042020