CIfA Newsflash 115/2023 | Announcement of newly elected CIfA Management Committee

CIfA Newsflash 115/2023

Dear CIfA Member

We would like to thank our members, guests and sponsors who attended our AGM on 4 October 2023. We appreciate the time and interest you show as well as your commitment to the Institute.

The 2023 Annual Report, together with the 2023 Awards for Architecture booklet, can be downloaded here.

We also congratulate our new President, Michael Borgström and Vice-President, John Wilson-Harris; and congratulate those members who were elected to serve on the CIfA Management Committee.

The new CIfA Management Committee consists of the following members:

  1. Michael Borgström (President)
  2. John Wilson-Harris (Vice-President)
  3. Nicola Irving (Immediate Past President)
  4. Claire Abrahamse
  5. Allistair Cloete
  6. Kevin Gadd
  7. Henk Lourens
  8. Heidi McAllister
  9. Francois Nortje
  10. Alta Steenkamp
  11. Louis Steyn (Co-opted)
  12. Reinier Visser (Co-opted)

Invited Members/Observers

  1. Albert Van Jaarsveld
  2. Lynette Thabo

We congratulate them all sincerely and wish them the best of luck with their activities.