CIfA Newsflash 09/2020 | SACAP 2020/2021 Invoices

Below, see correspondence between CIfA President, Henk Lourens and the Registrar of SACAP , Adv. Toto Fiduli regarding the 2020/2021 SACAP invoices issued

Sent: Wednesday, 01 April 2020 13:49/
Subject: SACAP 2020/2021 invoices

Dear Toto

We have received numerous calls regarding the invoices which were issued to our members and other SACAP registered professionals today. The membership finds it very insensitive and totally inappropriate that these were issued at times such as this. Most find themselves in extremely dire situations and expected SACAP to at least comprehend and have some understanding with regards the situation.

We herewith request that the payment terms be amended to 120 or even 180 days as the practitioners are not able to make payment at this time and many of their projects have been cancelled or put on hold, which means that they won’t have the means to pay you in the near future.

We look forward to a response from you which we can also forward to our members. It is trying times for all and we need to work together – more than ever – in order to ensure the survival of the profession.