CIfA Newsflash 06/2023 | CoCT New DAMS 2.0


With the launch of an improved DAMS on the City’s e-Services portal a few weeks away, there is a lot you need to know. As a Plan and Build it Right subscriber you are getting this information first. Shortly, the City will release information covering the launch and other important information, such as a frequently asked questions document we have put together that may be useful to you, and anyone else thinking of doing renovations or making changes to their property.

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While we are working hard to prepare for a smooth transition between our current DAMS system and the new DAMS 2.0, let’s remind you of what you can do to prepare.
• Check and update your contact details, as provided on your business partner registration, by contacting 0860 103 089, or email
• Check the application status and requirements of any applications currently open in DAMS, and, where possible, provide outstanding documentation and requirements.
• Awaiting payment applications currently within the system must be paid by Monday, 13 February so they can be migrated to the new system. Remember: Electronic payments take two working days to reflect.
• It is important that you retain copies of all documentation relating to any applications that do not make it to this status by Monday, 13 February, so that you can easily resubmit that application after Monday, 27 February.
• All applications currently in the system that have reached ‘payment received’ will be migrated into the new system.
• Cut-off to submit a new land use or building plan application is 16:00 on Monday, 13 February. It is essential to the successful migration of applications that there is a clean transition of data.
• From 16:00 on Monday, 13 February, we will be working hard to make sure that all applications are in the correct statuses, to ensure smooth data migration from 20 – 27 February.
CIfA will be convening CPD Courses over a number of sessions – presided over by the City’s training team – to educate the profession and the officials about DAMS 2.0 and the differences/improvements over DAMS. These courses will take place before the new system goes live on 27 February 2023.

Don’t forget: DAMS will be unavailable from Monday, 20 February – Monday, 27 February. This includes online building plan and land use complaints. We will use this time to engage with stakeholders on our training material and general support in navigating the new system.

During this time, you can still contact Development Management with general queries, and for guidance and assistance on the application process. We will also be available via email, and help with requests for copies of building plans, and enforcement related issues at our walk-in centres. Work on applications will also continue where possible.

For further guidance, contact our Development Management Information Hubs:
Blaauwberg; Northern; Cape Flats; Table Bay; Helderberg; Tygerberg; Khayelitsha; Southern

City of Cape Town Development Management Department