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Membership of the Cape Institute for Architecture is voluntary, and is recognised as a symbol of support of excellence in the practice of architecture. Members are automatically registered with the South African Institute of Architecture.

The Cape Institute for Architecture is the largest of the 11 regional institutes and therefore enjoys a position of influence at a national level.

The Institute’s membership comprises a network of individuals and practices with a vast array of skills and knowledge within the built environment – and the Institute encourages sharing of expertise and ongoing dialogue between members, strengthening the profession.

The Institute provides support for its members through various channels, such as its continuing professional development (CPD) programme and practice advisory service, and seeks to position the practice of architecture through its public engagement programme and by provide educational support. The Institute also engages with local government as well as national bodies, on issues facing development and the built environment in the Western Cape.
The day-to-day activities of the Cape Institute for Architecture relies on member input, supported by a team of administration staff. Participation in the Institute’s activities and involvement in the committees is encouraged, and presents the opportunity to make a difference in the practice of architecture and raise the profile of the profession.
Full membership is open to professional architects, architectural technologists and draughtspersons, and candidate architects. Other memberships are available for Students, Honorary Members, Retired Members and Friends of the CIfA.

Information on SAIA Practices and Levies can be downloaded below



Upon acceptance of an application for membership of the Cape Institute for Architecture, members will receive a certificate and are entitled to use the applicable affix, indicating membership of a professional organization. Members details are listed in the online directory.

Benefits include:

  • Access to members-only section of the website, where members can access the Practice Manual, view Practice Notices issued by the Institute, view the CPD calendar, update your details and much more.
  • Regular newsletters updating members on the activities of the Institute, as well as newsflashes when critical issues are raised as well as updates from SACAP and SAIA.
  • Access to Practice Advisory Service where senior members will respond to your queries on practice matters.
  • Discount on selected SAIA contract documents
  • Discounts on books and Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC) documents
  • Online SAIA Practice Manual
  • Official events hosted by the Institute including the AGM, CIfA Awards for Architecture, President’s Inauguration, as well as other networking opportunities, discussions, presentations and debates
  • Eligibility to enter into the CIfA Awards for Architecture (every second year) which then leads on the SAIA Awards
  • Accredited CPD presentations as part of our CPD programme, at discounted price for members (more info)
  • Opportunity to serve on the CIfA Management Committee
  • Free issues of Architecture SA and the Digest of South African Architecture
  • Free access to and placement of employment adverts on the website (more info)

Members of a SAIA affiliated architectural institute are eligible for APIGIS professional indemnity cover which also includes the following unique APIGIS benefits:

  • 50% Contribution to excess payment in the event of a claim (maximum R25 000)
  • Run-off Cover for retiring practitioners insured with APIGIS for the preceding 3 years
  • Supporting your Regional Architectural Institute by channelling a portion of services fees received back into the architectural profession.
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Membership Fees

Affiliated to SAIA - Architects

Not affiliated to SAIA

* A scheme whereby Practices elect to take advantage of the offer to pay for salaried members of staff to join the Institute via their Practices at a greatly reduced rate.
** A Professional Architect who is in full-time employment at Architectural Learning Sites (ALS’s), City of Cape Town, Provincial Government
# Included in Annual Subs 

Code of Conduct

The Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism,integrity and competence. Members who voluntarily enrol with the CIfA are required to uphold and subscribe to these objectives and, within the built environment, to strive to improve the standards of health and safety for the protection and welfare of all members of society and to enhance with their professional skills, the natural environment to the benefit of all. Members of the CIfA, registered as Professional Architects, Senior Architectural Technologists, Architectural Technologists and Architectural Draughtspersons, are educated and trained to provide leadership, critical judgement, specialist knowledge, skills and aptitude, for the design and development of the built environment. The Code of Ethics establishes principles for the conduct of Members in pursuance of these goals.

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