Continuing Professional Development

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All registered architectural professionals are required to renew their registrations with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) every five years. In order to obtain a renewal, the registered person must accumulate a prescribed number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits during each five-year cycle.

CPD takes place throughout the professional career as a means of enhancing skills, education and training. The process allows architectural professionals to keep up with current developments within their field, and provides opportunities to reach the highest standards of competence and expertise.

CPD Explained

Category Description Credits
Category 1: Development Activities Attendance of structured educational/developmental meetings (conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures etc.) Maximum 4 Credits Compulsory 1 Credit
Category 2: Work-Based Activities A: Architectural work or Full-time lecturing 400 Hours = 1 Credit Maximum 2 Credits
B: In-house training or mentoring of Candidate practitioners 50 Hours = 1 Credit Maximum 2 Credits
Category 3: Individual Activities A: Membership of recognised voluntary associations (VA’s) Maximum 1 Credit
B: Individual activities 10 Hours = 1 Credit Maximum 3 Credits

Registered professionals are responsible and accountable for ensuring their own CPD compliance.

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