Rehabilitation of the Old Barn and Stables, Clara’s Barn Restaurant

Urban Concepts (Pty) Ltd

It is obvious that this restoration has been a labour of love by the architects. From the delicacy of the detailing to the resolution and execution of the protection of the river stone floors, the energy and conscientiousness that has gone into this work is self-evident. The work has included the initial mapping of the heritage resources, the identification of design informants, conceptualization of solutions related to these, and the implementation of works including the restoration of the run-down buildings, and the addition of new, over a substantial period from 2016.

The strategy of juxtaposing contemporary against old has been successful inside the old buildings. Although contemporary, the new detailing has drawn its inspiration from the old, resulting in a recognizable syntax between the two. The suspension of the entire new floor over the intact original stone floor of the old stables, with an illuminated slot of intrigue at the wall/floor junction giving a peak to the original floor below, has been equally successful.

Although their simple lean-to structure is appreciated, it is of concern that the sizable additions of the restaurant and kitchen to the sides of the old building did not merit the same attention as the new elements inside the building, and that there is no interplay or link condition that reveals or celebrates this junction.

Despite this, it is recognized that this is a project of quality, undertaken by the architects with care, perseverance and passion.

Architect:Urban Concepts (Pty) Ltd

Quantity Surveyors:Riverside Consulting

Structural Engineers:Grobler & Associates

Civil Engineer:AVDM Consulting

Fire & Mechanical Engineers:Clinkscale Maughan-Brown

Electrical Engineers:Bührmann Consulting

Interior:Source IBA

Landscape Architects:Planning Partners

Heritage Consultant:Peter Büttgens Architects

Archaeologist:Tim Hart, ACO Associates

Contractor:JJ Dempers