No.1 Silo

VDMMA & RBA in Association

Silo No. 1 is a refined state-of-the art office block that offers the user much more than what is usually expected from this type of building. Its design is informed by an urban design concept that honours the existing, historical 1920s Grain Silo, situated at the heart of the development. This is manifested in Silo No. 1’s plan form and the position of its main entrance. The main entrance gives way to a spacious, seven storey foyer that is well detailed and proportioned. The assessors did express some reservations about the inactive quality of some of the ground floor spaces, especially those facing the Silo.

The building exploits the spectacular views of its location in the harbour by being completely glazed on all sides except for the west façade. The roof space is completely accessible and provides hard and planted surfaces, offering many options for users and occupants and again makes one aware of its beautiful location.

The ease, with which the architects incorporated sustainability into the design, resulting in a 6 star Office as-built rating by the Green Building Council of SA, is impressive and seamless. The client is benefiting from this on many levels, especially energy reduction, and it advances the case for all buildings to follow these principles.

The architects paid attention to the smallest detail, including art and furniture. The public/private interface is cleverly solved and meeting spaces are attractive, easily identifiable and accessible.

The overall sophistication achieved with the design, makes this a worthy recipient for a CIfA Award for Architecture.