New Brewery, Taproom And Workspace

K2017530931 (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd trading as Kevin Fellingham Architecture (KFA)

Urban upgrade can easily be criticised as gentrification, where local residents are made to feel unwelcome. Fellingham’s approach to The Foundation (LOCAL) brewery in Woodstock, however, manages to achieve a sense of inclusivity and conviviality through well considered architectural finesse. The utilitarian aesthetic of this industrial building is celebrated in elements such as the cast concrete bar counter, plywood furniture and exposed services. Yet the spaces are cleverly choreographed to create opportunities for pause, conversation or observation in this theatre of social engagement. Luxury presents itself at unexpected moments, such as a rounded corner on a brick wall, a gentle curve in the cast concrete seating, geometric quirks or the remarkable attention to detail in the way that electrical and wet services are designed in organic juxtaposition to the main structure. Fellingham’s decision to reveal the high-tech brewing tanks as the main feature of the project seems appropriate in the context of the industrial heritage of the area.

The co-working space offers a collection of aediculae – playful mobile pods on oversized castors that can be moved around the space as needed, presenting an innovative approach to multifunctional workspaces. Again, the luxury is in the large volumes of the found space that are awash with natural light, the creative possibilities of appropriation and well-crafted details rather than in high end finishes. Overall, there is a palimpsest of design decisions that collectively contribute to a rich spatial experience. From the client’s response, it is evident that Fellingham has managed to capture the genius loci of this space:

“Among the most gratifying outcomes is the creation of a space that nurtures a strong sense of community. Despite the challenges posed by limited space and the industrial nature of the facility, LOCAL Brewery & Co has blossomed into a warm and inviting gathering place. This project beautifully showcases design’s ability to turn limitations into opportunities, elevating ordinary spaces into extraordinary destinations“
(Client’s response).

Architects: Kevin Fellingham, Khotso Lamola, Graham Siebert, Tiaan van Niekerk, Alexander van Rensburg

Branding Consultant:Daniel Ting Chong

Structural Engineering:Lis Hart

Fire Engineering:Consultmech

Industrial Process Engineering:Dieter Stapelberg

Contractor:Cutting Edge Construction

Joinery:Em Casa