House Ferreira

Pinard Architecture Inc.

It took three attempts to find this house… On the first two attempts it was not noticed.
And this, to a large extent, is where the beauty and the value of this seaside holiday house lies, in its absolute and carefully crafted humility.
Where its neighbours push forward and higher to announce their presence and their occupation of the magnificent bay, the Ferreira home pulls itself back and down into the milk wood forest without sacrificing its connection to the ocean.
The intention to connect between the ocean in the east and the milk wood thicket in the west is achieved in absolutely every space inside this house. In addition, the extensive accommodation of this house on this very restrictive site is filled with natural light, the breeze from the ocean and the cool shade of the milk woods.
Every space is crafted around the human occupation, a balance between public and private, a sensibility in material use and the relaxed occupation of an extended family on holiday.
Although this house responds so poetically well to its existing context and its attempts to form a future context of a submissive human habitation, legitimate questions can be raised about the extensive use of concrete.
Nevertheless, it remains a building which sets a further example for humility, for contextual engagement, for the rejection of stylistic surrender and for a bold and outgoing good-mannered architecture.