Gorgeous George Hotel

Urbane Citizen

This project – which involves the refurbishment of two neighbouring heritage buildings of different eras and architectural styles – is notable for its careful understanding of, and response to, the heritage significance and character of the site and its component structures.
Rather than retaining historical features for reasons of heritage constraints alone, here the architects have treated the structures’ heritage elements in a respectful but playful manner – in dialogue with them rather than simply preserving them. The result is a building where the new insertions are in balance with the older elements in terms of their craftsmanship, fine detailing and location. Historic lobbies, lifts, roof tiles, windows and structure are exposed and add texture and a sense of time and bygone grandeur to the refurbished spaces.
While the programme allowed the architects a degree of flexibility and creativity that is often not possible in other building types, this project makes a valuable contribution to the challenge of adapting urban structures, designed for different purposes, to new and contemporary uses.
The resulting design enhances and brings a new vibrancy to the historical character of these buildings, on this significant urban street.

Architects:Klaus Neumann, Jessica Smillie, Cornelis Muller

Heritage:Peter Buttgens, Johann Cornelius

Interior:Studio A Design

Quantity Surveyor:LDM Quantity Surveyors

Structural Engineers:Poise Consulting Engineers

Electrical Engineers:RWP Western Cape

Wet Services:Sutherland Engineers