Dune House

KLG Architects

The architect’s response to the client’s brief was well-informed by being sensitive to the environment and its landscape. The house sits between the ocean and a slopy dune on gum-pole posts to allow a continued flow of windswept sand on the dune from below, where the house sits. The house welcomes you in from the street with an elevated arm stretched out towards the street on a gabion wall anchor point.

A glimpse introduction of the house by a guest pod that diverts from the walkway separated from the main house gives off the feeling of walking a coastline line wooden deck filled with pockets of discovery. The space between the main house and the guest pod creates a courtyard space that’s protected from the harsh winds and almost creates a play of an open | closed room, creating an organic use of the contrasting spaces.

The staggered plan strategically allows for function, and environmental response and allows for one to enjoy the views from a protected point of view. The profile of the roof allows for a continued interaction between the new house and its landscape, and prevailing winds. The sensitive response to the external conditions was beautifully replicated internally, by offering undisturbed views of both the mountains and sea. The natural timber finishes created a light warm feeling to the house and almost mimicked the connection between nature and the manmade dune house, more so now that the timber is weathering blending into to the dune’s natural surroundings.

ArchitectGeoff George of KLG Architects

Surveyor: Diesel & Munns Inc.

Engineer: Karl Hvidsten

Energy Efficiency: GreenXA Consulting

Contractor: Martin Helmbold of Quali Projects

Timber Work: Carpentry, & Joinery – Herbert Robinson