CIfA 2017 Commendation: OVD 525, Bantry Bay – Three14 Architects

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The calm, well-proportioned street elevation of this house is back-dropped by a pixelated aluminium screen which manages to mediate any potential visual domination by the ubiquitous double garage door. As a public gesture the screen makes a positive contribution to the streetscape, which is enhanced even further by it being backlit in the evenings.

The interior is finely crafted and a level of innovation is evident in the adaptation of standard modular elements for unexpected uses, of which the ventilation grilles are but one example. A thorough understanding of materials, combined with very good workmanship, results in a measure of calmness that belies an underlying complexity.

Within the context of minimalist residential architecture with a high attention to detail, this building deserves a special mention for its success in achieving this without a loss of a sense of domesticity. Its carefully curated finishes have a high degree of tactility and despite this, the building has achieved a level of abstraction which sets it apart.


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